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Steps to being OM SO HAPPY - STEP 2


Establishing a meaningful morning routine allows you to set up your day on your terms. Here's some suggestions for a successful start…

Cleanse – Shower, brush your teeth, and drink a large glass of water to cleanse your body inside and out. This will help get your energy flowing, clear your mind and activate your metabolism.

Stretch and move – Not only does stretching help to loosen your muscles and increase energy, it also improves clarity and activates your mind and imagination. One of the greatest benefits of stretching, however, is the improvement to your posture. Studies have shown that people who sit in a slumped position often experience lower self-esteem and poor moods. So, stand up straight, shoulders back, and lift that chin to lift your spirits.

Listen, Read or Watch for inspiration ­– Many of us begin our days by reaching for our phone. The temptation is to go to the news of the day (or day before), which is liking to be less than uplifting. Instead, try to begin your day reaching for inspiration. A motivational podcast, inspirational quote or happy, uplifting you-tube video could lift your spirits and provide you with the mindset you want to carry with you throughout the day.

Set Goals – Take five minutes to set 5 goals for the day. Make sure this list includes not only the things you ‘have’ to complete, but at least one thing you WANT to see completed before the day ends. Make your ‘want’ something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and that improves your self-belief and brings you joy.

Share Love – Begin your day by showing love to those around you. If you’re lucky enough to live with family, share a hug or a kiss. If you live alone, drop a text or dm to a friend or family member just to let them know you care. And even if you’re alone in the world, send love out to the universe. Sending out positive energy in any form means that there is more love in the world because of you. No matter how you put it out, be open to receiving it.

Start your day with love.

Taking simple steps to start your day off right can help carry you through the coming hours in an OM SO HAPPY way.


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