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The power is yours. Use it wisely.

If this doesn't make you stop and think...

So, weeks ago I started this 'science experiment' - to test the power of words.

Concept - cook up some plain, white, organic rice. Divide into 3 equal portions in identical clean jars. One marked hate. One marked ignore. One marked love. Each day I would speak to HATE with the most hateful words. The one marked LOVE, with the most loving words. The one marked IGNORE - well, you get the drift.

I chose my words based on the kindest and the most hurtful things I can remember ever being spoken to me.

The point of this all: to prove, what I believe to be true; words impact us on a physical level.

The result: Holy crap! Choose your words carefully.

The HATE jar began to decay almost immediately, and progressively got worse and worse. The IGNORE jar took longer to break down, but continued to do so at a steady pace.

But the LOVE jar - this one blew me away. The contents of the LOVE jar stayed 'almost' entirely white then entire time. I say 'almost' - because at one point I noticed one small blemish as one piece of rice had become darker than the others. I took special care to speak to it with healing words of reassurance and kindness - and it turned back to white!

It's so important to speak to ourselves with kindness, and it is equally important that we surround ourselves with positive energy every day, choosing to spend time with people and in places that lift us up and allow us to shine.

Take away from this what you will, but it has only reinforced my belief that words have power. The power to wound and the power to heal.

Choose your words and choose your reality.

The power is all yours.

What do you think of this experiment?

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