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If you want to change your habits, change your priorities

If you want to change your habits, change your priorities

Welcome to January – the time for resolutions and declarations of change. But, let’s be honest, January change doesn’t always make it to April. It’s lucky to see February.

Still, change is 100% possible is your motivation is strong.

If you want to change your habits, first you must change your priorities.

Believe it or not, I used to be a smoker. That’s not the worst habit I ever had, but that’s a story for another day. Back to smoking…

I was never a chain smoker, but always a social smoker. And in my early twenties, I was very sociable. This resulted in a pack-a-day habit that went on from my late teens until the day I found out I was expecting my first child. I remember thinking – “this is it. Now you HAVE to quit” With 3 cigarettes left in my pack, I quit. Cold turkey. Zero regrets. And even zero cravings – because my motivation for quitting was so much stronger than my urge to indulge.

Later in my pregnancy, my OBGYN (the early 90’s weren’t big on midwifery in my area) prescribed a strict diet of NO SALT, NO JUNK FOOD, NO CARBONATED DRINKS, LOW FAT, LOW OR NO SUGAR…no problem! These, of course, on top of the usual embargo on shellfish and unpasteurized dairy. This list of ‘don’ts’ was long but I adhered to every single one. Again, because my motivation was stronger than my urges. Not only did I fully embrace these rules as being in the best interest of my child, but my doctor threatened his patients with quitting on them if they strayed from ‘the list’. I loved my baby and my baby doctor. I was taking no chances.

It wasn’t long after my son was born that I found myself at another crossroad. I saw a film that would forever change my life, my priorities – and, of course, my habits. This film opened my eyes to, what I now see, as the atrocities of animal agriculture. The result, living my life as a vegan. The changes in this instance happened over a period of months, slowly transitioning from carnivore to vegetarian to fully vegan. As I researched, investigated and learned more about not only animal industries but also the impact of food on my health and well-being, the shift took a stronger hold on my day-to-day life and, 30+ years later, here we are.

These are just a few examples from my life of how a change in priorities changed my habits and my motivation to do better for myself and for others.

So, what habits do you want to let go of this year? What habits do you want to embrace?

To get you started on the path to change, ask yourself a few simple questions and really pay attention to the answers that come to you.

1. Why do I feel like I need to make this change?

2. Who am I making a priority by making this change?

3. Will this change benefit me, those I love or even the world?

4. How will I feel if I don’t make this change?

5. Am I capable of making this change?

6. What am I waiting for?

Change is growth – and growth comes from learning and self-reflection. Get clear on what is motivating you to make a change in your life. Once you establish your motivation and identify your priorities, you have begun to carve that path to positive change. And if it’s really a priority in your life, you cannot fail.

Change your motivation. Change your priorities. Change your habits. Change your life.

I wish you all the happiest, healthiest and most amazing year. Happy 2022. Make it awesome. Make it OM SO HAPPY.


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