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Welcome to Day 6 of our I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION series. Just a reminder that this series is about self-love. It's about taking time each day to offer yourself the permission to create a mindset that adds to your mental well-being, because caring for our mental health is the greatest act of self-love that we can express.


Trust, of course, is the corner stone of any good relationship. Whether it be our relationship with a partner, our family, spirit, God, or whatever God means to you, or the relationship with have with ourselves - we must feel trust in order for that relationship to flourish or even survive.

What is trust? It is the expectation of reliability, of honesty. There can be no trust without truth.

Take a deep breath in - and slowly let it go. Keep breathing. Notice the rhythm of your breath. We breathe with ease, without any conscious effort. We simply trust that breathing will happen and that our breath will do its job to sustain life. Breathing is the most important function we carry out in a day, and yet, we go about our days paying very little attention to this crucial activity. If we can trust this easily with something this important, why then do we struggle so much to trust in other things.

Breathe in again, slowly. Really making conscious contact with the function of breathing. And to yourself, repeat today's mantra: I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO TRUST. I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO TRUST. Bring to mind an area of your life where you feel that trust is lacking. Is it a lack of trust that things will get better? Is it a lack of trust in yourself, your abilities or purpose? Continue to repeat today's mantra and allow yourself to believe that everything will unfold, in its own way, in its own time - and know that you can trust that the universe has your back.

Trust is the first step to love. Trust yourself. Love yourself.

Love to all.



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