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Welcome to Day 10 of the I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION series on self-love. If you saw yesterday's post, you would have seen that the focus of the day was saying 'YES'. We touched on how the word NO can be used as a means of control when it's used against us. But it is also a very powerful word when regaining control when it is used by us.

Today, I'm encouraging you to say NO. No to allowing yourself to be controlled by others. No to unhealthy habits. No to unhealthy people. No to the choices that do not serve our greater good. No to feeling less than. No to self-doubt, self-destruction and self-deprecation.

No is a complete sentence. In our own hands, No can and should be applied as a first step toward a life of purpose, joy and self-love.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in as deeply as you can. Feel that breath travel throughout your body. Keep breathing. Feel your breath travel all the way to your toes. Feel it bringing to you a sense of empowerment. A feeling of strength. Feeling it giving you the courage to walk away from limiting beliefs and limiting people. Picture yourself saying no, and by doing so, ending the cycle of negativity and control. Feel yourself owning the word. No is the shield you possess to push back against the forces that work to keep you small. On your next out breath, release your breath with power. Let it all go.

No is power. Not to be used against you, but only ever to be used for good. Use no to fight for what you know you deserve. Use your powers for peace, for health, for happiness, for love, for you.

With love


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