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Welcome to Day 7 of the I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION You may (or may not) have noticed a break in the scheduled posts, a pause in the daily 'Permission' posts, especially as day 7 lands on day 8 of the month. This wasn't a technical glitch and it wasn't a planned break. You see, I've been dealing with some very stressful stuff. It's caused me some sleepless or, at least, sleep-challenged nights. There have been tears and fears, questions and . Luckily, I have some training that helps me deal with my emotions, but that training doesn't shield me from stress or pain. It simply helps me manage my feelings and help me process them in healthier ways.

The day of social media silence didn't come as a result of being too overwhelmed to post, however. Quite the contrary. Yesterday was a good day. You know that feeling when your phone gets down to 5% charge, but you don't have your charger with you. Or spotting your gas tank dangerously close to empty, but being miles from the nearest gas station. This day of good news felt, to me, like finding a 24-hour, full service Shell station in the middle of the desert, giving out free car chargers with every litre purchased. It felt like a gift and I decided to lean into it. I gave myself permission to pause. I gave myself permission to enjoy the moment of peace. To fully feel this much needed sense of calm. To use this time-out to regroup, to recharge.

Sometimes we simply need that moment of silence to help us regain perspective and to refuel so we can better tackle what comes next. There will always be a next - and we need to be prepared.


Breathe in deeply. Let it go. Breathe in again, noticing your breath flowing through your body. Feel it recharging, re-energizing your body. Feel it bring peace and silence to your mind. For the next few minutes, just take this time to pause and be with yourself. Remind yourself that you need to refill in order to have the fuel to help others. You cannot share from an empty cup. Continue to breathe and feel everything calming down. Repeat today's mantra as you begin to feel your inner energy slowing and coming to a pause. Let it go. If only for a moment. Let it go.

I know that we don't all have the privilege of a taking a scheduled pause. But when you see that opportunity, I encourage you to make the most of it. Accept the offer of a baby-sitter. Linger in the shower or the bathroom just a few minutes longer. Make the most of the precious quiet moments you find. Put down your phone. Tune out the noise. Hit pause on the world.

Take this time to just be. To pause. To love yourself. To breathe.

With love.



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