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Welcome to day 8 of the I Give myself permission series on self-love.


Knowing one's worth means understanding that we are worthy of happiness, peace and living on our own terms. It means being able to set boundaries and stick to them. It means recognizing the people and things that bring us joy and those that do not and making a conscious decision to create the life we know we deserve, with the people who respect our choices and our needs.

We, too often, allow others to be present in our lives in ways that make us uncomfortable because we find that discomfort easier than demanding better for ourselves.

Just yesterday I heard someone, for whom I have a great deal of respect, state: "Having a relationship with me is a privilege. Being in my life is a privilege." This man knows his worth.

This statement didn't come from a place of arrogance or conceit. It came from a place of experience, of knowing what life can look like when people do not respect your time, your values, your opinions, your boundaries. When people don't respect you. He also understands that self-worth is self-love.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe deeply and feel your breath travel to your heart. Place your hand over your heart and repeat today's mantra: I give myself permission to know my worth. I give myself permission to know my worth. I know that by setting healthy boundaries I allow those who love me to know how best to show that love. I allow myself to define my needs, while respecting the needs of others. I know that others will treat me only as I allow them to do so. I know that I am worthy of love and respect.

It's important for us to understand our own needs and to make those needs understood. Knowing our worth, truly feeling worthy of defining and designing our best life, is a crucial step on the path to living a life of joy and purpose.

I see you. I respect you. I know your worth.

I know my worth.

With love.


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