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Welcome to Day 3 of our 'I give myself permission' series. Today, I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE HEALTHY.

Does this one sound like a reach to you? I mean, why would I need permission to be healthy? How could giving myself permission even help me be healthy?

Firstly, health takes many forms. Our mental well-being has a significant impact on the physical, and vise versa. And, too often, we do not make time to take care of our mental health.

Secondly, we can be guilty of self-sabotaging our health for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you recognize the need to help your heart health by making healthier food choices or getting more exercise, but you retain unhealthy habits because family members or friends are overweight. You don't want them to see your journey as a slight or insult toward them. Perhaps you have family members who suffer with illness and you feel guilt about making your personal health a priority in your life. Or, maybe, you have been conditioned to simply believe that you are unable or unworthy of pursuing a life filled with good health and the joy that it will bring you. But the truth is, you must do everything in your power to be as healthy as you can be, or you will be unable to care for those that you care most about. Self-care is not selfish. It is the work we do in order to bring our best to the world.

Today - and every day - give yourself permission to pursue your healthiest, happiest, longest life possible.

Take a deep, cleansing breath in. and let it go. Breathe in again, deeply. Feel the air fill your lungs. Feel it begin to heal your body and your mind. Repeat today's mantra: I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE HEALTHY. I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE HEALTHY.

What we believe, we achieve. And I want you to believe that you are deserving of every breath you take, that you are healthy and getting healthier each day.

With love and light.



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