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Welcome to our last day of the I AM GRATITUDE challenge.

Today, I want to focus on the 5 things that I like to visit each and every day. This are the core mantras that help me stay positive and hopeful and that, I believe, contribute to a peaceful mind and body.

Today - and every day -

I AM GROUNDED. I AM GRATEFUL for my connection with nature and mother earth. I feel her energy flow through me and I know that through this energy I am connected to all living beings. It is with this connection that I find my strength.

I AM STRONG. I AM GRATEFUL for the lessons of the past that have taught me to believe in the power I hold within. I am grateful, knowing that I have the tools and the support system in place to handle what comes my way. I am grateful for feeling strong enough to share my strength with others who need - and want - it.

I AM LETTING GO. I AM GRATEFUL for the tools that help me recognize that which serves my best self and that which holds me back. I am grateful for the release that comes from letting go of all that does not serve me. With every breath, I am letting go.

I AM HEALTHY. I AM GRATEFUL for my healthy body and healthy mind. I am grateful for having access to healthy food, clean air, clean water, nature, love and kindness. These are the things that feed my health and allow me to breathe in life.

I AM HAPPY. I AM GRATEFUL for the people in my life that make me feel loved and whose love brings me joy. I am grateful for happy memories of adventures and experiences that have enriched my life. I am grateful for every breath and the happiness I feel in my heart today.

When we take the time to pause and feel gratitude in our hearts, we feel happier. The best part of feeling happy is that it has no bounds. There are no limits on the amount of happiness we feel. We are only limited by our lack of gratitude. And when we express our happiness - it expands. It is infectious. It is felt by everyone we are in contact with.

Don't diminish your happiness. Don't hide it. Let it out. Let it be free to touch the lives of everyone around. What a beautiful gift we have in this life - the ability to make other people's lives a little better - if only we choose to. If only we choose to feel gratitude.


If you find it hard to express affirmations, please stay tuned for my upcoming series: I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION. We'll be exploring the impact of letting go of the many things that hold us back from joy.

I am so thankful to you all for taking part in this challenge. I hope you found it helpful and maybe even encouraged you to start a new habit of gratitude in your life each day.

May all your days be OM SO HAPPY.



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