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Welcome to day 4 of the I AM GRATITUDE challenge.

Today -

I AM content. I am grateful for the contentment I feel in my life today. I know that feeling content with where I am does not keep me from striving to do better and be better tomorrow. My contentment is simply the peace I feel knowing that I am doing my best.

I AM healthy. I am so grateful for the good health that I enjoy. Every day, I feel gratitude for the health of my family and my own good health. Because I know that with health, I have hope.

I AM positive. I am grateful for the positive attitude I keep in my heart. I know that when challenges arise in my life, if I approach them with a positive attitude I am more likely to see a positive outcome.

I AM grounded. I am grateful for my connection with the earth, with nature and with the energy of the universe. I allow the energy of the earth to keep me grounded and centred.

I AM alive. I am grateful for every breath I am granted. I breathe deeply to remind me of this precious gift.

Breathe deeply with me. Let it out with a chant of OM. Let this energy carry you through the day and keep you OM SO HAPPY.


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