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Welcome to Day 3 of the I AM GRATITUDE challenge.

I AM capable of change. I AM GRATEFUL for the perspectives that are shared with me that help me grow and do better.

I AM healthy. I AM GRATEFUL that I have access to healthy food, fresh air and knowledge - all things that help me make better choices for my health and well-being.

I AM at peace. I AM GRATEFUL for tools like meditation that help me balance my emotions and help me face my challenges with a peaceful heart and mind.

I AM authentic. I AM GRATEFUL for the courage I feel to be myself and to express, with kindness and deference, my gifts, my knowledge and my love.

I AM enough. I AM GRATEFUL for the support system I have, from those around me and the way I support myself, reminding me that doing my best is enough.

Today's expressions come from my wish that you all will find the courage to be your best, most authentic selves. And to do so with open hearts - allowing and encouraging others to do the same.

Allow yourself to shine brightly and be OM SO HAPPY


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