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I AM Gratitude - Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the I AM GRATITUDE challenge.


I AM curious. I AM GRATEFUL for my curious nature that leads me discovering new things in the world and new things about myself.

I AM love. I AM GRATEFUL for the love I feel from others - and I am also grateful to be able to share love with others.

I AM HAPPY. I AM grateful for the happiness I have in my life today. I know that it's okay to share my happiness. The more happiness I have, the more I have to share with the world.

I AM healthy. I am deeply grateful for the health I enjoy, for the resources I have to keep me that way. I am grateful for the privilege of living near nature, for fresh food and for a peaceful mind that helps me keep stress at bay.

I AM here. I am grateful for this moment in time. Without fear of the future or regret of the past. I AM here now, and grateful for my place in the universe.

I am grateful that you are here with me.

May this moment in time be a peaceful one for you - and may it be OM SO HAPPY.


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