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What's in your tank?

Theory 1: Medicate the fish


How many of us swim through life without giving much thought to the impact of the choices that we make - until it's too late? Until we find ourselves living in an unhealthy tank. A lot of people may look at this image and think "I'm the fish" in this scenario. But in reality, you are both. The tank represents the choices that you make, while the fish represents the outcome of those choices.

So how do we ensure that we keep our tank clean?

In the UK, we're told: Get your five a day. And by 'five', they mean five fruits & veg. But I have another list, another five things that we need to pay attention to on a daily basis.

1/ Everything we eat

2/ Everything we drink

3/ The air we breathe

4/ The thoughts we create

5/ The energy we absorb

The quality of everything we consume really does result in the quality of the space we live in. And that space is our body. In order to keep the tank clean, we must ensure that all of these are as clean and healthy as possible. Too often we allow ourselves to consume substandard doses of these crucial five things and, as a result, we end up having to resort to medicating or treating the tank to clean it out. Our focus should be on keeping it clean in the first place.

Like never before, we are reminded daily of the importance of doing everything that we can to supporting our health and well-being.

Starting today, let's make a commitment together to:

1/ Eat foods that support our immune system, provide necessary nutrients and that don't put stress on our heart, our gut and our other organs.

2/ Consume adequate amount of clean water and reduce consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sugar

3/ Breathe. Breathe in deeply. Fill your lungs with clean, fresh air. And connect with your breathe. Feel the energy of breath and allow it to nourish your heart and soul.

4/ Pay attention to your thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. As the great Louise Hay once said: "Every thought we think is creating our future" We all want a future full of love and joy. To obtain this, we must keep our thoughts focused on the positive things we want to see showing up in our life every day. And...

5/ Surround ourselves with positive, kind, loving energy. From the people with whom we share our space to our connection with the earth, everything we touch and everything that touches us results in connection and a sharing of energy. If you find yourself exposed to negativity, take time to clear it. Take off your shoes and allow your feet to nestle in the cool grass. Lift your head to the sun and absorb the life force of vitamin D. Smudge your spaces. Use fragrant smoke to clear harsh energy in your home.

If we commit to consciously consuming more of what serves us and less of what pollutes our tank, we can live longer, healthier and OM SO HAPPIER!

Peace! Much love.



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