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7 Purposeful steps you can take to bring more happiness into your life today

“True happiness resides within you. Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way that you think.” – Wayne Dyer

This past year (plus) has been challenging for most and extremely difficult for some. We’ve been deprived access to our favourite activities and, for some, even kept from being able to work or spending time with loved ones. We’ve experienced loss and change in ways we wouldn’t have believed possible back in 2019. But have we really been denied happiness?

As things begin to reopen and we start to see some normality return to our lives, what practices can we take with us going forward to help us keep joy in our hearts? How can we choose to be happy?

Welcome to this 7 part series on how we can be OM SO HAPPY


Consistently studies show that people who regularly practice Gratitude experience greater happiness. By focusing on that for which we are grateful we’re able to shift our energy and our thoughts to the positive aspects of our life, rather than the negative. By focusing on the positive we begin to embrace the good. Gratitude can improve your mental and physical health, help you deal with adversity, and help you build stronger relationships with those around you.

There are many ways to embrace gratitude in your daily practice. I find the best way for me is to begin each day by simply writing down or bringing to mind 5 things that I am grateful for – be it my health, my family, my home, my beautiful cat, my friends…But you create your own list. Open your mind to the things that you cherish and give thanks for their existence in your life. Also – reflect on one thing in your life that is causing you stress or pain (covid perhaps?) and see if you can find one positive thing to say about it. Turn one negative into a positive and you’ve helped to shift the balance.

I'm grateful to have had a safe and peaceful place to be, when I couldn't be anywhere else.

Drop a comment and tell me

what you are grateful for today. Let's spread some joy.


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