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Embrace your uniqueness!

No two people in the world are created the same. Right? We can agree on this point, can't we?

No two people will ever experience all the same things in their lives. No one else has our fingerprints, our DNA, our thoughts, our memories, our feelings. We are, and we are meant to be, completely unique. So, if we can agree on this, why do we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others? Our culture inundates us with messages intended to make us strive to be like others, or worse yet, 'better' than others. Magazines, television, you tube videos, social media - all driving 'wear this', 'do this', 'be this way or that' - because that is what will make you acceptable in the eyes of others. Because that will get you liked by others.

That's nuts! The only thing we should all have in common is our acceptance of ourselves and those around for the unique contributions we bring to the world. When we stop defining our worth based on how we measure up against the expectations of others, we can begin to embrace the beauty within ourselves and see the true beauty in others. Embrace your true self. Embrace the beauty of every one you meet.

With an open heart, embrace your uniqueness.

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