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The good news about disease.

What is a 'modifiable risk factor'? Risk factors are the conditions that determine your likelihood of contracting a disease. The good news is - the modifiers are, for the most part, within your control.

The variables or modifiers that lead to diseases like Cancer are smoking, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, excessive alcohol intake, excess weight and exposure to infection.

Many people are under the misconception that diseases like Cancer are simply a part of life, that everyone is at risk and that it is basically a crap shoot as to whether or not the statistics will catch up with you. That is simply untrue. And scientists can prove it.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in China, with over 2.8 million new cases expected each year. The massive incident of this disease has lead to a multi-agency study, recently published by the Annals of Oncology. They found that over 50% of cancer deaths in men and 35% in women were attributable to the risk factors considered in the analysis.The study concludes that "effective public health interventions to eliminate or reduce exposure from these risk factors can have considerable impact on reducing the cancer burden in China."

Of course, the increase in this disease is disturbing. But with this information comes the knowledge that, to a great extent, we have the power to positively impact and reduce our personal risk. By making small changes to our own lifestyle we can significantly modify our personal well-being and long-term health prospects.

The study concluded: "Our findings reinforce the need for broad implementation of known interventions and the development of new strategies to reduce exposures to established (smoking and carcinogenic infections) and emerging (alcohol drinking, excess body weight, and physical inactivity) risk factors in the country."

But, of course this study is not only applicable to China. It should be the wake-up call we need to start taking better care of ourselves and take control of the modifiers in our own lives.

For an interesting take on the impact of diet as a contributor to the risk of Cancer, I can highly recommend FORKS OVER KNIVES (currently available on Netflix!).

Please offer up your opinions and your suggestions below, or, perhaps even your personal experience.

Wishing you an OM SO HAPPY LIFE today and always.

Namaste' and Happy Vibes.

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