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Welcome to Day 11 of the I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION series on self-love.


Let's check in. How are you feeling? Are you beginning to feel the self-love increasing? Are you ready to take it up a notch? Are you ready to dream big?

If you are like me, you, at one time or another, have been called a dreamer. I don't know why, but that label is often delivered like it's a dig or an accusation. John Lennon even wrote about it, feeling the need to qualify with that fact that he wasn't alone! Like, hey man, "I am not the only one!"

Why is that? No one would ever say "you're a thinker" - like it's a bad thing. What is dreaming? It is the visualization of thought.

Dreaming in subconscious form, is a way for us to help process unaddressed issues and emotions. In conscious form, it is the practice of bringing our thoughts, our hopes, our needs, into clear view - so that we can visualize the target and take steps toward achieving it. Have you ever heard the phrase "you can't hit a target you can't see"? You have to dream in order to see.

It's said that everything is created twice. First in thought. Then in reality. I don't agree. I think everything is created 3 times. That statement leaves out the key component of visualizing. We can have a thought, write it down, but, until we can see it in our mind's eye, we cannot begin to bring it to life.

Take a deep breath in. Read this meditation and then repeat it with your eyes closed. Today, I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO DREAM. Breathe in, feeling your breath carried to the space between your eyes. Feel this space opening up, flooding with images. See the images coming clear. Allow your mind to create a picture. What is it you truly long for? What do you most want to achieve in life? What fills you with a sense of purpose? Help your mind form your vision. Hold on to these images and allow them to imprint on your mind and your heart. Breathe out.

Dreaming can enhance creativity and problem solving. It can be a tool for guiding us toward better choices and clear, concise action. Dreaming is a gift and a necessary tool for achieving our goals and for living with purpose.

You may say I'm a dreamer - and to that - I say, thank you.

Dream big. You are not alone.

With love,



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