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How to make God laugh

How does the saying go?? If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans? Maybe tell her (and the rest of the world) that you want to move to a far off land to live with monkeys and grow your own food. And tell her that you want to get these plans started, um, maybe while the country you currently live in won't let you leave. I bet she's having a pretty good giggle over this one.

Flights were booked - then cancelled - then rescheduled - then cancelled - then rescheduled - and rescheduled again, and now...

well now, we have no idea where we stand. All we know is that if we get there, upon our return we'll be looking at an additional £3500 for a cozy stay in an airport hotel for 10 days.

It's so easy to get discouraged and to lose faith in our dreams when it feels as if this is never going to end.

How does it end? Or does it? What does the 'end' look like? The end goal is for wide-ranging better health for all. So, the best thing we can all do is to protect and enhance our personal health and well-being, and we can do that anywhere.

Our move to Costa Rica is so much about living a healthy life - fresh, healthy food, connection with nature, making time for one another and living simply, making the most of what we have. The truth is, we must implement as many of things plans right here, right now. Many of our goals are rooted in a mindset, not just geography. We will not magically achieve our dream life simply by stepping on or off that plane. Though our options have been limited by the state of the world, rules of government and February weather, we can still make strides toward our best life, today.

How are you coping with lockdown where you are? What steps are you taking to maintain and protect your health? What motivates you?

Whether it's in 31 days or weeks or months, we'll only achieve our dreams if we stay positive, stay focused on the goal and stay healthy.

Do something, anything, today that improves your mental and physical well-being and you are one step closer to living your best life.

And remember to breathe.




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